September 8 Agenda

9:00 am

  • Meet and Greet

9:30 am

  • Election of Officers for 2018
  • Treasurers / Secretary Report
  • Supporting Member Sponsored Summer Social Event
    This is something that the NEHES supporting member liaison really tried to get established in VT, other chapters do a summer social event.  I want to gauge whether or not our group would support something like this.
  • Joint Meetings with Other Societies
    Our joint meeting with Chittenden County ASHRAE was well attended last year. Should we plan to do something similar this year?  This will probably be more of a sub topic as we choose topics and dates for our FY18 educational offerings.
  • Potential Educational Offerings
    Brainstorm ideas for 2018; keeping the idea of a joint meeting in mind.
  • Discuss the idea of having a CHFM Review class make up the Twin State for 2018
    This may require a contribution from VHES & NHSHE toward the program; per this from Jona ~ The cost is $4,000 for ASHE for the course and around $2,500 for the food for the day. Jona is still going to try and get full funding from NEHES but won’t know for sure until the retreat in November)
  • Membership Levels.
    Do we want to have a Corporate Membership as well as individual memberships for supporting members?
  • Healthcare Facility “role call” & Recruiting Discussion
    A discussion regarding any hospitals that don’t have representation in VHES.  Some of these hospitals have had some turnover, so we may have Healthcare engineer’s that don’t know about the society.  We should assign someone or a few Folks to try to recruit active members.
  • Discuss volunteer openings for the fall conference
  • Website
    Is our website still relevant and useful?
  • ASHRAE 188 Compliance
    Where do VHES member facilities stand on compliance with this standard?

11:30 pm

  • Lunch  Other Discussion Topics As They Arise