Meeting Minutes November 9th 2018


Brandon Andress ECRI

Robert Maliff, ECRI

John Berino, UVMMC

Eric Brigante

Dave Cunningham, North Country Hospital

Ray Forsell, UVM TSP

Leah Francoeur, UVMMC

Sarah Greer, UVMMC

Erik Lahr, UVMMC

Jim Lehneman, UVMMC

Doug Szegda, Air and Water Technology

Joe Voci, UVMMC

Fred Lafratta, Air & Water Tech

Kylie Vitti, E4H

John Wilkinson, UVMMC

The meeting was called to order at 9:30AM with introductions.

Robert Maliff from ECRI discussed UV room disinfection with both advantages and limitations reviewed.  A part of the discussion included comparison with H2O2 disinfection.

Brandon from ECRI discussed acuity adaptable rooms.  This was complemented by Kylie Vitti from E4H Architecture.

Dan Szegda and Fred LaFratta led a roundtable discussion on UV light disinfection within air handling units.  This final discussion reinforced concepts presented by Rob Maliff with regard to specifics required to effectively apply UV disinfection.

Rob Prohaska gave the following as the Treasurer’s Report:

The VHES account has a balance of $17,521.91 as of November 1, 2018

Included in this is a NEHES deposit of $315 and two additional dues deposits totaling $30.

Ray commented on the successful Fall Conference in Falmouth, MA.  This provided excellent educational offerings in a fine venue.

At the fall conference annual meeting, a special classification of membership for Membership of those between jobs was eliminated.

Based upon the high fund balance a discussion occurred on how to give back to members. We are considering options to offer scholarships or other viable benefits to give back to the profession and membership, reduce the fund balance and show value as a society.  Further discussions are to occur at future meetings.

  1. 2019 VHES Meeting Locations & Topics

Date              Subject                                                Location        

11/9/2018   Acuity Adaptable Room design CVMC

UV tech in Room Disinfection

1/25/2019   CMS/TJC survey & Compliance

Concerns            CVMC

3/8/2019    New Building Tour @ UVMC UVMC

Joint Meeting with ASHRAE                                              

5/10/2019 Meeting with Efficiency VT Rutland Medical Center      

                        (Subject matter TBD).           

8/16/2019     Twin State(Topics TBD) Dartmouth Hitchcock 

9/13/2019   VHES Annual Meeting  CVMC   The meeting Adjourned at 1:00 PM Submitted by ~ Rob Prohaska