March 16 Agenda

8:30 am         What is an ASHRAE Audit. What is the difference between the different levels. – Greg Liebert – Liebert Engineering

9:00 am         How to use your ASHRAE Audit to develop a master plan. – Greg Liebert – Liebert Engineering

9:45 am         Break

10:15 am       How does a facility get prepared for retro commissioning and what should owners expect during the process. – John Butterfield – Hallam ICS

11:00 am       How to use RCX findings to improve the facility.  Discuss CVMC improvements to achieve energy star status – Efficiency Vermont/Control Technologies/Greg Liebert.  

12:00 Noon  Lunch & Business Meeting:

Acceptance of the January Minutes

Treasurers / Secretary Report

New Members and Recruiting Efforts

Update on NEHES Spring Seminar

Update on Twin State Meeting

Update on NEHES Fall Conference

VHES Website

NEHES Newsletter

VHES Support of Membership (ideas to return value to members)

New Business

1:00 pm        Adjournment

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